Race Info


Sunday, 25th October 2020


6720 Szeged, Széchenyi sqr.


Széchenyi sqr.



Progrun Kft.



  • imdividual marathon 42 km: 9:00
  • 30 km és marathon relays: 9:20
  • 8 km: 9:40

Time limits: 6 hour (average pace: 8:30 min/km). A cyclist will follow the runners in a pace according to the given time limit. If the cyclist passes one contestant, the race number has to be taken off, and the person has to acknowledge that he/she has got eliminated from the contest.


  • 42,195 km Marathon
  • 30 km Individual
  • 8 km Individual
  • Relay for 2
  • Relay for 3
  • Relay for 4
  • Relay for 5
  • Relay for 6
  • Relay for 7
  • Relay for 8
  • Relay for 9
  • Relay for 10


Although there is no age limit on the 8 km distance race, children under the age of 10 (were born after 26th October 2010) can only run accompanied by their parents. The parent also has to register to the race.

Only people, who were born before 26th October 2004 (16 and above) can attend the marathon (42,195 km), 30 km distance, and all of the relays.


The contestant has to read and accept the information written in race information and registration information.



  • 8 km distance – top 3 male and female will be awarded with medal and gift
  • 30 km distance – top 3 male and female will be awarded with medal and gift
  • Marathon (42,195 km) – top 3 male and female will be awarded with medal and gift by the following categories:

Date of birth



25th October 2004 - 26th October 1990




25th October 1990 – 26th October 1975




born 26th October March 1975

above 45



  • Relay for 2 – top 3 team separately in male and female category will be awarded. Mixed gender teams count in male category.
  • Relay for 3 – top 3 team separately in male and female category will be awarded. Mixed gender teams count in male category.
  • Relay for 4 – top 3 team separately in male and female category will be awarded. Mixed gender teams count in male category.
  • Relay for 5-10 – these teams will not be awarded. 



Race packets can be recieved on the day of the race by pre-registered runners and also by contestants who register on the venue. During the race the race number has to be visible and placed on the chest or has to be worn with race number holder. It also cannot be altered. Additionally, it is forbidden to cover the name of the race and the logos of the sponsors. Chip timing will be used on the race.


under organization

Race packets can be recieved on Sunday, 25th October 2020 6:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m..


On the route of the race there will be 9 relay exchange stations. Teammates only here can swap. These sections may have different lengths. The exact place of the exchange stations will be announced later. The team decides on which station they will swap, however one teammate can run only once! These stations have to be approached individually (possible with car and bicycle).

Running teammates cannot be followed by any vehicle, roller skates or dogs. If one team breaks this rule, will be disqualified without warning by the referee.


  1. Refreshment stations can only be visited by runners with visible race numbers. The contestants are served with water, isotonic drinks, fruits, crackers and glucose tablets.
  2. We do not deliver individual refreshments on the Szeged Maraton race.
  3. During the race first aid will be available. All of the participants are obliged to take care of their own and the other contestants physical health. In case of any accident, please help the injured contestant and immediately infrom the main organizer of the race.
  4. We can check and monitor the contestants as they are passing by the checkpoints placed on the route. The main organizer is not obliged to inform the contestants about the exact place of the checking points.
  5. If the contestant accepts the conditions written in the race information and is aware of what he/she is undertaking, can participate on the race. Proper health condition is required on the race and every runner is responsible for that. The organizers do not take the repsonsibility for any health problem.
  6. I declare, that I prepare for the race properly, I do not use any porducts that are on the doping list by MOB (Hungarian Olympic Committee) and after the race I give a sample for the inspectors if needed. In case of refusal, I can be disqualified from the race.
  7. I acknowledge, that respect and acceptance for each other plays an important role in the mentality of Szeged Marathon. Furthermore, I accept, that the staff (traffic controllers, volunteers, people at refreshment stations) works in this spirit. Any kind of action (e.g. violance, spitting, improper language, message, letter) againts the staff results immediate and also lifelong disqualification.
  8. On the race it is forbidden to roller skate, ride a bicycle, run without a race number or run with a dog. The person who is followed by a cyclist, or a roller skater will become eliminated from the race.
  9. The contestant is obliged to keep the instructions from the Police, the orgainzers and also from people who appear on behalf of the people mentioned above. The route of the race will be marked with traffic signs.
  10. The following actions result penalty and immediate disqualification:
    • Taking a shortcut on the route.
    • Folding, covering and wearing improperly the race number.
    • Missing the timing and checking points.
    • Disrespectful behaviour in the Race Center and on the route with the staff, traffic controllers, other contestants, and with every fellow human being. Besides the immediate disqualification, it means a lifelong elimination from all of the races organized by Progrun Kft. and Pulzus Szeged Futóklub SE.
    • In case of cheating (e.g. using vehicle during race and gain advantage with it or replace your race number) the contestant will recieve a lifelong disqualification.
    • Paying no attention to the instructions from the staff, traffic controllers, and first aid person.
    • Finishing the race beyond the time limit, which is pre-announced.
    • In case of not recorded contravention the referee makes a decision.
  11. Any protest should be handed over to the main organizer in a written from in the Race Center in 1 hour after the race. The fee of the protest in all case: 5.000 HUF. If the protest is proven to be unfounded, the fee will not be refunded.
  12. The main organizer has the right to restrict the number of the participants and also to close the entry because of organizational reasons.
  13. In the event of drastic weather (the National Meteorological Service forecasts that the average daytime temperature on the day of the Competition will not reach -10 degrees or reach 40 degrees; in case of snow or ice rain; in case of storm or stormy wind) or other, an unforeseeable factor occurs (eg: epidemiological situation, human epidemic causing mass illness endangering the safety of life and property, emergency situation ordered in order to protect the health and life of Hungarian citizens), which makes it impossible to organize or hold the competition, the Organiser's discretion Maintaining or postponing a competition. The Organizer will immediately notify the Competitors of the postponement of the Competition and the event will be held at a later date. In such cases of force majeure, the Organizer is not obliged to reimburse the entry fees, its reimbursement is at its discretion. (Modified: 16/06/2020)
  14. The Competitor expressly acknowledges that in addition to the generally accepted cases of force majeure, force majeure is also considered to be force majeure if a restriction or epidemiological situation does not directly affect the running of the running race, but in the Organiser's own discretion In order to protect the health and lives of Hungarian citizens, it decides to postpone the running race. In such cases of force majeure, the Organizer is not obliged to reimburse the entry fees, the reimbursement is at its discretion. (Modified: 16/06/2020)
  15. The main organizer has the right to alter the route, the programme and the date of the race.
  16. The main organizer does not take the responsibility for the posssibly emerging accidents and damages caused by unpreparedness, negligence and thoughtlessness.
  17. Any kind of commercial and advertising activity, or popularization of other running contest can only be done with previous consultation with the organizers in an agreed form and way.
  18. Filling the registration form (either on the venue or online) is a voluntary publication of data. The contestant agrees to store his/her data given at the registration by the organizers.
  19. With the registration the contestant accepts that he/she is subscribing for the newsletter of the Progrun Kft.With the registration the contestant accepts that pictures can be taken of him/her and he/she can be tape-recorded. The main organizer has these documents and those can be given to a third person. Pictures and tape recordings can only be taken, if the organizer is previously informed and agrees to it! In the sense of the resolution of the Autorithy for Disaster Management it is forbidden to use drones on our race! Drones only can be used with written permisson by the Progrun Kft!